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Faerie Blood & Cold Iron Hounds follows the story of Lavender, a 21-year-old human woman who was taken to the Fae realm when she was eight years old. She's done most of her growing up in Fae, having been raised by the unlikely pairing of a rebellious brownie from the Spring court and the last remaining iron hound. On her twenty first birthday, she learns that her summoning to Fae was not due to random chance, but a concerted effort to protect her from faeries who want to use her as a weapon. Shaken by this new understanding of her purpose (as well as a few kidnapping attempts), Lavender sets out to determine her own destiny and dignity in a world where predestination is unshakeable doctrine.

About the Author & Artist:
Hi! I'm Rosalind Wulf, and I'm probably due to be taken away by the Faerie Queens due to my libelous storytelling regarding their Kingdom. Until then, I'm here to tell you about myself and my books. I've written from a young age, which is honestly pretty common for people who pursue writing as a career. What makes me special is that according to my parents and older siblings, the little picture books I wrote when I was four or five contained, as they didn't put it, LGBT+ themes. While both my art and writing have changed over the years, that one aspect of my writing has stayed constant. Pretty resilient if you ask me. Of course, I carry a 100% genuine, bona fide bisexual lady card, so it's all good. In fact, I'd say that the LGBT+ representation in my stories has definitely matured since I was in Kindergarten.

On top of being blinkeringly bi, I enjoy being excessively crafty. If I had my way, mine and my husband's entire wardrobes would be sewn by me. Trust me, there has been an attempt. I crochet slower than any human should be able to, at least after doing it for over a decade. I also draw! I illustrated the cover for Faerie Blood & Cold Iron Hounds, for one thing.

I'm also a proudly disabled human. I'm Autistic and have a mental illness collection that rivals my collection of Pokemon cards in sheer girthiness, and I am zero-percent ashamed of either aspect of myself. Hence, you know, putting it on the front page of my website. My debut main character, Lavender, is also Autistic! I truly enjoy the push for more Own Voices stories in literature, and of course I had to contribute.