I like words. I like to take words and put them next to other words, and sometimes I get around 50,000 of those words in one long string, broken up by spaces and little dots. I’ve actually done it a few times! I call it noveling. 

No you can’t read those words. Not yet. They’re sleeping, okay?

I will put up some different strings of words, though. About, oh, 2000 words. But first I have to figure out if they’re still sleeping or if they’re ready to see people. It’s only polite!

…right, snark aside (I cannot keep it OFF of this website, I’m sorry), I’m an author who has yet to be published, but I’m working on making that not true. Part of making that true involves creating this website! I’ll be putting some writing excerpts here, perhaps some full pieces if I find some are inexplicably both good examples of my ability and also ones I never want to take money for. We’ll see.

I might also post some art! I am also a visual, digital artist, so that might appear.

Oh, and if you like that writing or art? Feel free to ask me to make you some! For money! Whee!