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Spontaneous Writing: It’s been a bit

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. To be fair, I spent the last three months in Britain. To be less fair, I had an internet connection the entire time, and I think I went radio silent way before May 8th. But uh. Let’s just ignore that. Here! Story! Unedited save for typo-fixing-in-the-moment, Read More

Flash Fiction: Ryobark

I thought we were safe. We were safe, until the family dog activated drill mode. Was he just shaking his ears? No. No he was not. We watched in horror as he channeled the ancient demigod of drillish dogs, Ryobark. Like a fiendish serpent he writhed and slithered, lead by his spinning head. A flash Read More

Flash Fiction: Prompted: Gay Space Robots

Lana floated listlessly through the void, trying to keep her eyes closed, trying to sleep and let it pass, but ultimately failing. She stared at the stars. They were everywhere, except for where she was. What was wouldn’t give to burn up in a yellow dwarf right now. She assumed it wasn’t unheard of to Read More

Spontaneous Writing – Katie’s Dog

I’m going to try something, something that will kick this blog and website off right. Spontaneous, unprompted, largely unedited writing. It ends when it feels right, and it starts… NOW: What was wrong with that dog? Katie blinked. Her eyes were wrong. They had to be. Dogs, as a rule, were not purple. She kept Read More