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Queer science fiction told through a lens of disability empowerment



"...a world I have never seen before..." - Emé Savage

Two mockups of the book "You Can't Sniff the Internet", in hardcover and ebook form, with a glitchy pocketwatch and broken teacup around them.



Get your free copies of Time Does Not Forget Itself and This is Our Home

"What if we fail?
Will this all have been for nothing?"

"I'm happy like this. Why does anything have to change?"


two ebook mockups, one of the book "This is our home" and one of "Time Does Not Forget Itself". Around the ebook mockups are petunias and a purple pocketwatch.

about rosalind

Rosalind always liked to tell stories. They wrote and illustrated their first book at the age of four (or five?). It was written on manila paper and held together with a worrying amount of staples. Like, 20 staples on the spine of one book? That's ridiculous. Now they write queer science fiction through a disability lens, without needing a single staple to hold their words together.

Rosalind lives in Britain, but was born in a little suburb of Dallas, Texas. They made this move to join their Scottish husband, but more importantly to eventually adopt a little dog from Romania. Not suffering enough, they also adopted a puppy. Rosalind works as a software engineer when they're not writing novels, and when they're not working as a software engineer or writing novels, they're usually drawing, sewing, crocheting, creating nerdy embroidery, or trying to find an umpteenth hobby to take up.

The dog is named Bella. The puppy is Lucy.

If you want to contact Rosalind, you can email them at They enjoy getting email so much that sometimes they read everything in their spam folder, so give them something real to read, eh?

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