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Death isn't the end. It's the beginning, and Lillian Burden's story begins a little earlier than they'd like. After dying young with few accomplishments to their name, Lillian is determined to give themself a second chance. Like a sneaky bit of malware, Lillian brute forces their way into a new reality.


The bizarre afterlife Lillian arrives in ranges from inhospitable to technologically futuristic, and the denizens they meet are equally strange and disparate. Nevertheless, they're tasked with finding their place amongst shattered time. They're far from alone in this artificial world, but there are some residents who think that the dead have no business living their new lives.


Lillian wanted a chance to make a difference — to do something with their life. Now they've given themself the chance to do something with their death. Can they really make a meaningful existence with little more than stubborn persistence? 

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