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Rosalind's wulf pack

Who Are We

What's the wulf pack?

Rosalind's Wulf Pack is my name for my publicity team! See, authors live off of reviews and hype. If you want to help me trudge through the swamp of despair/publishing in return for Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) of books like You Can’t Sniff the Internet (and any future titles), then you want to sign up to the Wulf Pack. 

How does it work?

You'll receive ARCs of my books in return for honest, public reviews of the books you receive. If you're a bookstagrammer, booktoker, or booktuber, I will also provide you with caption prompts and graphics you can use to promote my books. I'll make it easy for you to help me!

How many followers do I need?

You don't need a certain number of followers on social media. You just need access to a platform where you can share reviews. Of course, any promotion you do is very appreciated and will be supported!

What about physical ARCs and review materials?

Joining the Wulf Pack is also how you put your name in the hat for receiving physical review copies. Ever wanted to unbox fancy bookmail before anybody else? This is how you get that chance with my books! I do intend to send out a few physical review copies of my hardcover and hardcover book box for You Can't Sniff the Internet, so I really recommend jumping on this opportunity.

Where do I sign up?!

Use this form! If you can't use that form for any reason, or would prefer to reach out personally, you can also email me at

Two mockups of the book "You Can't Sniff the Internet", in hardcover and ebook form, with white paper wrapped around them. They are surrounded by multicoloured roses and thorns.
Wulf Pack Sign Up

Not for you (yet)?

Join my newsletter and I'll keep you in the loop on my books anyways, sans commitment.

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